who we are

We are you. Career women, college students, stay at home moms, single or married; our writers come from all walks of life, but we have one goal in common: seeking a higher purpose for our lives. We can’t navigate this world alone, and there’s something especially powerful about women learning and growing from each other. 


During a rough patch in her mid-20's, Sarah Witmer began sorting out her life and relationship with God through writing. The process was so healing and life-giving, she told the women in her life to start writing too. From there, the project grew and spread until women across the U.S. began writing daily devotionals to encourage themselves and each other. 


"As we are" represents who we are in multiple ways. It's a reminder that God loves us just as we are. Not if we know more. Not if we do more. Not if we're better. Just as we are. We can come before him and be accepted and loved and cherished, regardless of how much we feel the pressure to hustle for approval in the world. Our name is also accurate for the very authentic and vulnerable stories we write, because we want to share our lives as they are. No Instagram filters to hide our flaws, no editing out the dark and murky parts of our stories, and no "fake it till you make it" syndrome. We come to you as we are, so we can learn from our experiences together and move toward accepting ourselves for exactly who God made us to be, as we are.