Distracted From God's Purpose

“Creative people create with resolve and purpose. They call forth excellence from anyone they come in contact with. I don’t know about you, but I think those are the types of people that are going to do big things in their lives and in this world.” - Darling Magazine

Ok, I thought to myself. Time to do what I actually want for my life. I sat down at my computer, put on some French music, lit a “volcano” candle that made the room smell like Anthropologie, and tried to focus, again, on writing. Within a few minutes of brainstorming, I heard a text from my phone on the couch. The thought of emails came to my mind. And Instagram. Procrastination isn’t really wasting time if I’m able to get inspired through it, right?

Setting the stage and creating the perfect environment for creation will only get us so far before distractions pull us away. That’s where discipline comes in. Discipline is one of the toughest battles I’ve encountered. It becomes even harder when I understand the weight of it, and my responsibility to sharing the gifts and the life I’ve been given. Often, I crumble under the pressure and give in to the very life I don’t want: a life of doing nothing.

No matter how hard it is though, discipline is necessary. I want to create with resolve and purpose, with the understanding that I belong to the creator of the universe who continues to create in me every day. My life is meant to be lived and breathed in movement with God, creating with Him daily. Though sometimes I would rather do nothing, numbing myself to the world, or giving in to it, I know that everything I do makes a difference. And I want that difference to be good.

God, please give me your spirit of discipline and self-control. I want to live a life that brings you glory, and I need your strength. Thank you for all you’ve given me.


Sarah Witmer