Binge Watching is the New Binge Eating

“Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick!” Proverbs 25:16.

Come on- who would actually eat enough honey that they'd get sick? Not me, that's for sure; nor do I plan on going to Costco and buying the largest tub of honey...that just sounds foolish. But what I am doing (that's equal to eating that massive honey pot) is binge watching a whole TV series on Netflix. 


I'm spending an ungodly amount time in front of my screen(s). And it isn’t just Netflix- it’s Instagram, it’s Facebook, it’s online shopping... goodness gracious, the list goes on. 

I feel this NEED to be in control of my sanity, so shutting off and staring at my screen seems like a better way to live at times. I NEED to feel in control of my feelings so mindlessly watching tv for a few hours feels refreshing. I NEED to escape so getting lost in another story feels good. 

But tonight these things do not feel good. It’s interesting how our body can tell us when it’s been too much. Like a signal of distress after you have eaten way to many cookies or the pains of eating the whole bowl of ramen. That's our bodies way of saying “Yo, chill. You are going too far.” This is how it feels when I binge watch too much television. Like maybe I am closing God out of my time, and ultimately out of a relationship with me. 

Netflix may not make me feel bloated, but it sure does make me feel uncomfortable and disconnected from God. It may not make me sick to my stomach but it can make my soul sick. I'm not saying I'll never watch Netflix again (I gotta know how Ducky solves the crime in NCIS) but I clearly need to set boundaries on my time. Sticking to boundaries is good for my soul, stomach, and heart. I need to learn how to say no to over-distraction and yes to the things that will only prosper me and those around me. 

Lord, I feel sick to my core. I pushed boundaries to get my way, knowing that my way is never best. Lord, my prayer is to binge eat on the good things. Let in the things that will make me more like you, that will stretch me in helpful ways and not in hurtful ways.


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