Craving Pizza & A Boyfriend

“Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love” Jonah 2:8.

When I get hungry, my first thought is a large pizza or a burrito, although it would obviously be best to eat a salad.

My spiritual life also reflects this struggle. I want things that are going to fill me up right now. I mean YOLO, right? So I’m always on the hunt to satisfy those cravings. Like if I had boyfriend, then I’d finally feel secure. If only 100 people would like my photo on Instagram, then I’d feel accepted. And the list goes on and on.

It sounds so silly, but these cravings have become my dang idols. I found myself on my floor last night, on my knees in prayer, feelin’ so heavy, and understandin’ the weight of my sin. The Holy Spirit convicted me, that if I didn’t ask for Jesus to renew and change my heart, that I was headed for great danger. 

Jesus, I pray for women to speak up. That we would not be afraid to talk about our idols. I pray that we would be open to change our ways, and ultimately our mindsets. Transform the cravings my heart.


Sarah Witmer