Don't Let the Small Things Stop You

"Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil" Ephesians 6:11.


I recently put together a video to inspire and encourage other women. To remind women that they are brilliant and beautiful, and simply put: enough. I shared it with friends- posting it on social media- and the response I received was overwhelmingly positive. Friends who I haven't spoken to in months texted me saying how much it touched them. It got reposted on Facebook by so many of the supportive gals in my life and women I don't even know contacted me on Instagram thanking me for the video. It was this beautiful thing, to create something that truly impacted women I know and those I don't. I glided through my morning feeling so accomplished and inspired to do more. 

Then I crashed from the high I was riding. My day at work got stressful and frustrating and I so quickly seemed to forget all those wonderful things I keep telling the women around me. I forgot that I am strong and let myself feel overwhelmed instead. I forgot that I am a valued employee and started to shut my mouth during our meeting. I forgot that my body is healthy and beautiful and instead was pissed at my tight jeans. I got home, tired from a strange day.

I had to sit in stillness and remind myself that this is what the devil does. This is the way he attacks us, when we're making a difference and leaning into our strengths he seeks to take away all the good and just remind us about all the ways in which we lack. On these days, I have to work hard to remember that my God is so much bigger than anything that wants to stop me from stepping into my passions and spreading Christ's love.  

Lord, help me to keep your voice as the guiding factor in my life. May I block out the negative voices and remember your goodness and grace. 


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