Finding Your Own Rhythm

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” 2 Corinthians 3:17.

I was driving home from a 5am body pump class at the gym this week doing what I always do: enjoying the quiet of being alone in my car, and noticing the world starting to wake up around me. Slightly more cars are out and about, a few moms walking their kids to school, some runners, a few dogs getting their morning walks—the usual.

But this particular morning I saw something different. I saw a lady in her workout gear, with her big headphones on, completely rocking it out on the sidewalk. I mean, full blown dancing. Eyes closed, hands raised up, a good booty-pop here and there. She was clearly feeling the music and didn’t care who in the world was around her or who was watching.

She was completely alone, not with a group of friends to support her or rally around her. She was in her moment and she was free.

I remember thinking two things: 1. She’s a really good dancer. 2. I would never in a million years do something like that. 

Instantly, though, I realized that I wouldn’t do that not because I don’t want to, but based on fear. Out of fear of caring what other people would think, what others may say. Would there be gasps and stares?  Would I look like an idiot?

I admire this woman for the freedom and confidence she’s found in herself to not care about what others think but to simply enjoy life, to feel the music, to move how she wants, wherever she wants. How often do I hold back when I feel the Spirit move me, out of my own fear? What opportunities could I be missing? 

 God, help me to remember that in you I have freedom. Freedom to move, to be creative, to use my gifts and talents and to not care about what may come against me because you’ve always got my back.  Help me know that still, small voice and to trust you when you speak.



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