For That Judgmental Person in Your Life

“Judge not, that you be judged” Matthew 7:1.

I snuggled into the sofa with my hot tea and purring cat. This morning’s devotional was about criticism. Judgmental Christians. Ha! I thought. How applicable. Christians are so judgmental about everything. The daily message was spot-on.

As a read about condemning others, I couldn’t help but think of one friend in particular who is very judgmental. She’s always criticizing me personally, and others, pointing out our flaws with a negativity that makes us insecure that we’re not good enough. I wished I could somehow get her to read this devotional so she could get a dose of humility. And…boom! It hit me. Here I was, judging her for being so judgmental. I was digesting this message as if it was for a friend, when I really needed to be applying it to myself.

The idea that criticizing others makes us feel “holier than thou” made me think of her, as I sat on my self-righteous pedestal, feeling better than her.  Oh, irony. It is always easy to see these character flaws in those around us, and I secretly believe that the parts of others we dislike the most are parts of ourselves we recognize in them. Maybe instead of concentrating on how bad she makes others feel, I can concentrate on trying to never make anyone feel that way… starting right now.

Dear Lord, help me lift this massive tree trunk out of my eye before trying to get the sawdust speck out of anyone else’s.