How to Recognize the Good

"But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you" 1 Samuel 12:24.

So much has changed in my life recently-- all for the better. I moved back home after living twelve hours away for almost a year and started a new job working in a salon. I jumped right back into being involved with the youth and the worship ministry at my church. I’ve met some amazing people through my new job. I even dyed my hair a fun funky color and got a new car. 

In the craziness of moving and working and volunteering (and not fully unpacking my room), I forgot to acknowledge God. All of these changes are "great things" that He has done for me. I always seem to get caught up in all of the negative things that happen around me, and fail to recognize all of the good.

There are so many great things surrounding us: the sunrise each day, a cool breeze, turning on your car radio right as your favorite song comes on, someone paying for your coffee unexpectedly, the extra crispy In-N-Out fries at the bottom of the fry box, when your hair does exactly what you want it to, the time that stranger saved you from embarrassment by telling you about the red lipstick on your teeth… the list could go on and on… and it should! We should never stop recognizing these great things (as silly as they may seem) because God has done them for us.

God, thank you for all of the great things in my life. Help me to see them and share them with others, to give you the glory you deserve.


LifestyleSarah Witmer