I Almost Settled. Then I Met My Husband.


“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord” Psalm 127:14.

A boy likes me. And not just any boy—my good friend. I came to know him this past summer when he moved to town. I was brokenhearted and wanted to heal on my own. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and wasn’t looking for a relationship. It was great! We could hang out all the time and just be ourselves without worrying about what the other person thought or if they were reading too much into things. In fact, we would talk about other people we were kind of interested in and give each other advice.

That’s why I was so surprised when he asked me out on a date. “Want to go out to dinner and then bowling?” He asked over the phone. “Sure!” I said back, totally oblivious. “Who all should we invite? This is a great idea.” After a pause and a chuckle he said, “No, Sarah… I’m asking you out on a date.”

I didn’t know what to say. I told him I’d think about it, but after a day or two it just didn’t feel right. So I told him. He was fine with my decision and we even kept hanging out after, no hard feelings. Until after church one night he caught me in the parking lot and tried to kiss me! What?! Yes, this is a true story. I weaved, he bobbed, and I managed to pull back just in time.

The thing is, I’m not grossed out by him. I’m attracted to him even. He’s cute. He’s funny. He loves God and is involved in church. We get along great and I always want him around. So what’s my deal? I’ve been mulling it over, and I just don’t have an answer yet. I might be looking for that addicting (and unhealthy) connection I had with my ex, or waiting for someone who doesn’t exist, while someone I would have a fantastic relationship with is right here.

Whatever the reason, I feel an overwhelming sense to wait. I think ignoring those gut instincts is what ends up getting us into the biggest trouble. Sometimes you just know.

Dear Lord, I may be crazy, but then again, you made me this way. There is no harm in waiting and trusting in you. You will make it clear.


P.S. He did make it clear for me, only a week later when I met my sweet husband. Below is a picture from our wedding. God. Is. Good.

Photo credit: Westlund Photography
Sarah Witmer