In My Daughters' Eyes

“I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine; he browses among the lilies” Song of Solomon 6:3.

It was one of those days packed from morning to night with dentist appointments, car troubles, and running kids all over town. There was very little time for “me” that day, as is often the case as a mom to small children. I had work deadlines to meet, too, which meant forgoing a shower knowing full well my daughter’s preschool graduation was that evening.

We got home from picking up the car with just enough time to feed the kids a quick dinner while I ran upstairs to put myself together before the special night. I kept thinking, “Just fake it, Katie- these pictures last forever.” My plan was to throw on a little makeup, poof my ponytail, put on a dress, and pretend I tried.

Knowing we were out of time, I came downstairs to my family finishing up dinner and my two little girls staring up at me with eyes full of wonder. They both audibly gasped over how beautiful and lovely I looked. The compliments were rolling in: “You look like a princess, mommy!” “You look so beautiful, tonight!” “I just love that dress on you!” Honestly, I was taken aback. It was such a stark difference from what I was feeling inside.

In those moments I realized this is how my Jesus sees me. I might feel like a faker, and I might feel gross some days, but Jesus sees me as beautiful, whole, cleansed, and radiant. His eyes light up when I approach Him because I am His beloved. His BELOVED. Imagine that.

God, help us to remember that no matter what, we are loved and treasured by you with such a deep, beautiful, everlasting love.