Dating: Look BEFORE You Leap

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you” Jeremiah 29:12.

I went out on a date last night. A third date. And even though the guy I went with is leaving town for a week, he asked if we could have our fourth date over Skype. What? I’m just not used to this whole straight-forward thing. He’s very intentional. Not to mention kind, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, adaptable, easy to talk to, and honest. This morning I woke up with a smile. I sat down with coffee and my journal. God, I prayed, please either bless this or let it dissolve peacefully. Lead me.

That’s the same prayer that crossed my lips right after my first few dates with my last boyfriend. Obviously, that didn’t work out. I sat there for a while wondering why God allowed me to date him, fall in love, and get cheated on... all despite praying and seeking God the entire relationship. A year of trying to figure it out, and still no answers. But I did remember chugging full steam ahead while praying for God’s blessing. It was a lot like running and jumping off a bridge, and as I fell down, down, down, yelling, “I hope this all works out for the best! Please bless my landing!”


This time, I’m looking before I leap, praying, and listening for a nudge from above before I move forward. God may not speak audibly, but I fully trust Him to give me the discernment and peace that I’ve never really had the patience to wait for before. I wonder what other areas of my life I should be taking a moment to ask my creator about before I leap.

Dear Lord, you knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. You know us better than we know ourselves. If we take the time to listen, please speak into our lives clearly.