Lost in Sin

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalm 147:3.

I’ve never seen a woman cry as desperately as she did that Monday. I sat across from my roommate, one of my best friends, as she poured her heart out in our living room. Over the next few hours she would tell me about the affair she’d been having over the last year with a married man from our church.

At first I was angry. Angry that she had lied to me, angry that she had betrayed our gender, that she had betrayed herself. But my anger quickly turned to empathy. Because as I watched my best friend bare her soul, I knew she was broken. We make decisions out of our brokenness, and her decisions over the last twelve months left her in a place of isolation and confusion.

God never leaves us in our broken places. And he never left my dear friend and I. The next few months were filled with long nights, buckets of tears and more restoration than I ever thought possible. It’s been years since that grey Monday on our couch in Brooklyn, and I’ve witnessed God move in my sweet friends life to bring a healing that seemed out of reach. Every conversation with her reminds me of God’s pursuit of us, that we are his daughters and our brokenness is never beyond repair.

God, thank you that when you look at me you don’t just see my mistakes and faults, but you see everything I could one day be. I invite you into the broken places of my life and thank you for being a God of healing.