Slow Down So You Don't Meltdown

“And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he rested from all his work of creation” Genesis 2:3.

I'm a rusher. I move quickly from one thing to the next. If there was a theme song to my life it would probably be something like "go go go go go, don't ever stop." I've always been this way, completing one task and then moving right on to the next one. I like to think it makes me feel accomplished and proactive, but lately it's just been making me feel drained. I'm going a lot of places, but I'm not breathing much or feeling much or laughing enough. I'm mentally charging ahead but my body and heart are dragging behind, saying "hey, wait up, you're moving too fast!" 

I want to change, I need to change. Or else pretty soon my body’s gonna break and my heart’s gonna have a meltdown. I know I can't just stop working or doing or accomplishing tasks, but I know I can slow down the process. I can allow some space for breathing and feeling and laughing.

So I'm resolving to take a deep breath and feel my feet on the ground every time I transition from one task to another. It's a small thing really, something that takes less than 60 seconds. But it's in that moment that I can clear my head, calm my body and give all these tasks over to the Father. It's a moment to remind myself that I am not the 6 million dollar man, I'm just a girl with things to do who has limits and needs to eat lunch and go to the bathroom and breathe. 

Lord, thank you for being the one who created rest. Help me lean in each day to those sacred spaces of rest, help me breathe and take a moment to remember you. 


Sarah Witmer