Stop Photoshopping Your Life

“Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practice” Colossians 3:9.

A sweet kiss on the forehead. A flirty grin. True love. What you don’t see when you look at my engagement photos is how annoyed I was when when my fiancé grabbed the cell phone out of my hand without asking. Or the huge argument we had right after we posted the photos to Facebook. Or the fight we got into about how we fight, right after the first fight.

Not only can comparison be the killer of all joy, it’s just kind of stupid. You have no idea what the reality of someone’s daily life is like- even some of your closest friends. I’ve been trying to be the real Me to everyone at all times, not the Engaged Me album you click through as a distant acquaintance.

When girls started swarming and buzzing about the recently posted pictures, I immediately told them about the fight… and the fight about fights. Not to be a downer, but to cast a realistic perspective on something that can be idealized by so many women. It’s tempting to pretend you have it all together, especially in church, the one place we should be comfortable admitting our faults and weaknesses.  

God calls us higher and deeper, to love not as the world loves. I want to show women that those bruises and hairy legs shouldn’t be photoshopped when they step into authentic community. The blotches we try so hard to hide are what we have in common; the struggles we bond over as we pull each other to grow deeper and stronger instead of superficially covering up.

God, may the love and acceptance you give so freely spread among us like wildfire. May we be women who open our hearts and lives without feeling the need to clean up before guests come over.