Stop Putting Yourself in a Box

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them" Ephesians 2:10.

I got lost in Forever 21 today. Well, mentally and emotionally lost. And maybe a bit physically lost- that store is huge. But as I walked around shopping for new clothes for my upcoming trip to New York, I kept flip-flopping on what style I wanted to go after. Did I want light summer colors, or acid wash grunge stuff, or maybe denim everything?! After an hour wandering around Forever 21 I finally settled into my style, I got "unlost" and bought a few great pieces. I left feeling confident and excited about my trip. 

I thought about how often I get lost like this in my daily life. How often I flip flop personalities. Am I the extrovert or introvert? Am I the behind the scenes person or on the stage? Am I that funny sarcastic friend, or attentive and caring? I often feel like I have to be one or the other, that I have to fit into a box, that I have to get "unlost."

I don't think God expects this of me. I think He looks down at my confused flip flopping and chuckles, just waiting for me to realize that I can be all of those things. There are no boxes in His kingdom. There is just passion and love and forgiveness and grace. I'll keep stumbling and getting lost and that is okay. Today I can be an extrovert and tomorrow I can be an introvert. This week my friends might need a funny sarcastic pal, next week they might just need a listening ear. I'll be all of these things and trust that God's in each of them. 

God, thank you for being for me. For allowing me to mess up and figure things out and not squeeze into boxes you never created. Help me be the best version of me I can and push others towards the same.