Kiss & Tell

“Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand’” John 13:7.


“I don’t want to kiss you anymore,” he said, taking a big breath and looking down at his hands.

“You don’t?” I asked (a little taken aback).

“No. Yes. I mean, I don’t want to keep kissing you… I mean, I think the level of intimacy should match the level of commitment.”

A few (very confusing) minutes later, I figured out what he was really trying to say. He wasn’t rejecting me- he was asking me to be his girlfriend! After six dates with no goodnight kiss… Steve had finally kissed me a few nights before, and we just couldn’t seem to stop. He wanted to make sure we were on the same page and ready to start a relationship.

How many times have curveballs been thrown at me like that? Something bad happens to me in life, only to have something good come out of it. My car breaks down, only to feel loved and supported when my brother comes to my rescue. My roommate and I argue, only to have one of the deepest and most bonding conversations yet. Jesus died on the cross, only to come back with eternal life for all believers.

The next time I’m confronted with something unexpected, I need to take a big breath and trust that God has my back. My perspective is very limited looking forward, and I never know where each conversation will take me.

Dear Lord, may I lean not on my own understanding, but trust you in the most awkward or tense of situations.


RelationshipsSarah Witmer