Sweet Summer Sunsets

“You make the dawn and sunset shout for joy” Psalm 65:8.

The sky was a deeply rich blue, smeared with neon pink and orange. The sun was setting over the park as families walked home after a free summer concert. Everyone stopped and stared. Strangers on the street, running around with their own busy lives, all drawn together for a moment of collected awe: a reminder that we are all more alike than we care to admit, despite our backgrounds and differences.

A good friend and I had just spent the entire concert complaining to each other about different problems we were struggling with. But as the sunset shouted for joy, the negativity leaked right out of our moods, replaced by sweet gratitude. No matter what we are dealing with, we get to live here. A plane flew over the city, the buildings gleaming in the last rays of the setting sun. And just like that, the magic was broken. Strangers once more, people walked on their way, but with a little smile on their faces and swing of their arms.

Glorious creator, praise you for a reminder twice a day of your joy. You lighten our busy steps and heavy hearts.


Sarah Witmer