Tell Someone Your Struggles

“I can do all this through Him that gives me strength” Philippians 4:13.

It’s November in South Carolina, which means one outstanding fact: I am very cold.

Just a few days ago, I curled up into a ball around my infant son and just lay there on my chair. I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere or talk to anyone. The only slice of happiness I wanted to serve myself is the sweet hope that I would get to go to bed soon, and maybe when I woke up tomorrow would be better. I hate to admit that something like the weather has such an impact on me, but we all have our struggles and part of overcoming them is telling someone, because whatever your struggle is, you aren’t the only one. 

“Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda (Star Wars)

The next day, instead of continuing my wallowing in sadness on my chair, I sought out something new that I wanted to learn: calligraphy. I bought some calligraphy pens from the craft store and watched countless tutorial videos and practiced. I filled a couple pages with.... ugly calligraphy. It’s not good- yet. But just like my struggle of depression, I am actively working on overcoming this thing that I want to be better at. One day, I will have beautiful calligraphy, and one day when it is cold outside I won’t struggle with sadness. 

What are you actively doing to overcome what you’re struggling with? Because these would be my golden nuggets of tried and true advice: First, tell someone. Find a close family member or soul sister and tell them what you’re struggling with. Second, seek out a goal and accomplish it. Because maybe you have a really big mountain to overcome, but you can chip away at it by exercising the fact that Christ has created you with strength and courage. Third, pray every step of the way because all of the strength and courage that you have is borrowed from the one who knows what your bright, sunny days look like on the other side of your mountain. 

Jesus, you know my struggle. You know how I got here, and where I need to go to get through it. I pray for your guidance and strength so that, through you, I can make it over my mountain, and when I get there, bask in the truth that you are God.


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