What Do You Really Want For 2018?

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD” Isaiah 55:8.

Instead of thinking of the physical changes we can make in the year ahead, I challenge us all to dig much deeper, pushing past the temptation to focus on the surface. What do you really want for yourself in this short life? What will you do with this gift of 2018 God has given you? He created you for so much more than cutting calories or minimizing your apartment. 

This year, I want to be pulled into God.

I want to know His heart, and for Him to reveal my own to me.

I want to find a purpose-- His purpose for my life.

I want to be so full of grace that I am never offended, but take everything in stride.

I want my perspective to be so wide that I continually realize almost nothing is about me, but always set in a bigger context.

I want no longer sweat the small stuff or the big stuff.

I want to utterly rely on my creator because He formed me, He knows me, and He loves me.

Let us step into this new year with confidence and boldness, declaring that we will live lives full love and intention.

Dear Lord, I give this next year to you completely. It is already yours. Do with me what you will. And may your will become my own.


Lifestyle, ChangeSarah Witmer