When God Calls You to Move

“Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, ‘Lord, save me!’” Matthew 14:29-30.

Two years ago I flew across the country from Philadelphia to San Diego on a whirlwind trip that was priming the canvas for our future. See, everyone just thought that I needed a little getaway, and so I escaped my two children and husband to hang out with my little brother in sunny California for the weekend.

The truth was: I was on a mission. I wanted to scope out some neighborhoods should we decide to make the giant leap to live there. I was expecting this trip to alleviate all my doubts and fear, but it absolutely didn't do that. In fact, I left a little bit more confused than ever.

My husband and I decided that despite the doubts, we were going to have faith and still move forward with our decision to relocate our little family 2,700 miles away. We made a conscious choice to drown out any of the things that would distract us, and we forged ahead with our plans, leaving 99% of our family, friends, and all we've ever known to move across the country. In our hearts, we knew that this was the next step God had for our family even though it was simply terrifying.

When Peter stepped off the boat that day, initially, he had no doubts. He didn't take a second to hesitate, he just obeyed the voice of Jesus and he ended up walking on water. Walking on WATER! Crazy, right? Then, the minute he got distracted and took his focus off of Jesus, his brain caught up with the reality of what was going on (probably telling him it was, uh, crazy), and then what happened? He got scared, probably panicked a little, and he began to sink.

So often when we know Jesus is calling us onto something new, we default to doubts, getting caught up in details and what-ifs, when He's really just asking us to move. Sometimes, all it takes is the winning combination of faith + action, like when the four of us boarded that one-way flight to San Diego that January morning. All it takes is remembering to keep our eyes on God, because He won't let us sink.

Jesus, thank you for the sweet reminder today to keep our focus on you. Help us to ignore the distractions and doubts and simply follow your voice, in the big decisions and the small. We trust that you are holding us, guiding us, loving us through this ever-changing life. We love you. Amen.


Lifestyle, ChangeSarah Witmer