When Your Life Plans Go Wrong

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” Galatians 6:9.

This week has been a headache. I feel like a door is being slammed in my face at every turn. I've been working tirelessly towards something over the last two years, all the while feeling like I'm making no progress. My life's been the classic "two steps forward, one step back." I've let it discourage me, frustrate me, and on several occasions it's driven me to contemplate giving up all together. The future I want feels a marathon away and running has never really been my thing. This week I found myself questioning it all, wondering if I'm crazy to continue to work so hard and not get very far.

But then I remembered the other step. If I'm taking two forward, and usually one back, that still equals a step towards my future.

Regardless of all the slammed doors and all the curves in the road, I'm still ahead of where I was before, and that's far beyond the starting line. And if I'm honest, God has done the best work in my life through that one step. That's the step that has forced me to ask for help, to lean on other people, to risk and trust and release control.

My life today is not what I had pictured it to be two years ago. My timeline is all messed up, the plans have been written and rewritten a hundred times and eventually tossed out the window. And I'm really happy about it. Because I found joy and thanksgiving in all that messy. I discovered more of God in that one step than I ever could have in two. 

Lord, help me rejoice in the midst of setbacks and uncertainty. Thank you for planning a future bigger and better than anything I could devise. 


Sarah Witmer