We share our very real, messy, deep-in-the-muck daily lives, and invite to you share yours as we seek God's higher purpose for our lives.


These stories come from women like you. Women who want to be honest about what they're learning and learn from others. Who believe community is something we build with our words and our actions. While more than 25 women have contributed stories, below are the ones who have written the most so far.



Sarah is the founder of As We Are. She is an Adjunct Professor at Point Loma Nazarene University, produces creative side-projects, and publishes other women's work on this website. 

"My relationship with God (and the church) has been up and down over the years, but being honest about where I'm at to God and to others has deepened my faith and understanding of who He created me to be."

Sarah's dream is to get her Ph.D. so she can teach college full-time and take the summers off. She lives in San Diego with her sweet-as-pie husband & their rough-and-tumble cat, named Kitten.

Taryn laven

6 years ago, Taryn traded Las Vegas for a small city in South Carolina near the Blue Ridge Mountains, and never looked back. Her husband and two kids bring so much laughter into her home and she is thankful for every morning that she wakes up to them. When she's not working on her Special Education Degree, Taryn soaks up the outdoors with her family, goings on an adventurous drive, or tries out a new recipe. 

"Jesus is more than my friend or father, but the entire cornerstone of which I place every other piece of my life. My heart sings thanks to Him for every beautiful piece of my life, and even when it's not so pretty, He is still good."

jillian albert

Jillian is the Junior High Operations Director at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA. She is a small-town girl doesn't take herself too seriously. The most important things about her? 

"I love God and I love Youth Ministry. It's that simple."

Jillian got her degree in Family and Youth Ministry from Hope International University. She spends her free time with her adorable baby nephew, listening to country music, and drinking far too much coffee.


cori dunton

Cori is a social worker, writer, and poet living in sun-drenched San Diego. She's a lover of avocados, pastels, and killer almond lattes. When not typing away you can find her running Dear Woman Movement and chasing down swoon-worthy sunsets. 

kelsey dyer

Kelsey is a social introvert and lover of personality quizzes, puns, and breakfast foods (specifically eggs). When she is not in the office solving web development problems, you can find her at a local coffee shop reading a book or sitting by the cliffs watching the sunset.